A Wide Range Of Trading Instruments


In InstaForex, You can trade total 110 instruments of Forex in the best of the industry. You can also trade cross currency pairs made up of world currencies, in addition to representative currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, etc. You can enjoy a wider investment chance with various benefits from only the InstaForex.

CryptoCurrency CFD

The Cryptocurrency market represented by BitCoin has grown rapidly worldwide and is receiving great attention. However, due to various regulations and transaction restrictions, we must accept many inconveniences. InstaForex is offering a wonderful investment chance to provide 5 kinds of the Cryptocurrency of BitCoin Cash, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin CFD investment similar to the futures trading. * More Details (KR)

Gold/Silver/Metal Futures and CFD

The precious metal represented by Gold is classified as the safest asset at all times as a non-value. Therefore, although it always appears indispensable in the multilateral investment portfolio, it is also that the threshold is still high. InstaForex offers a total of 8 CFDs and Futures such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. So anyone can invest freely even with a small amount and easily construct many portfolios. * More Details (KR)

Energy Futures

The oil price and other energy prices are so much referred to as indicative indicators, they have a very big impact on our lives. Energy futures trading has been exhibited as a means of hedging a large trader, so it is very difficult for individuals to access. InstaForex offers all 21 kinds of energy and agricultural futures trading to access to the global market directly. * More Details (KR)

Shares CFD

Stocks listed on the US stock exchanges have high investment value, which is very influential globally. InstaForex offers all 91 shares such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla in the U.S., and other companies listed in the U.S. as well as Baidu, China Mobile etc. We can provide the same environment as futures trading through CFD trading which is not limited only to trading in. * More Details (KR)

Index Futures

Index futures that are the underlying assets of the Index Fund can invest representative stock diversely in the form of a stable portfolio. There are popular because it is possible to invest a small amount, there is no need to analyze individual stocks, and there is an advantage of long-term investment. InstaForex offers a total of nine Index futures including NASDAQ, NIKKEI, Euronext, Hang Seng Index, and a chance to diversify into representative companies around the world. * More Details (KR)

CFD (Contract for Differences) is the trading only the margin of the underlying asset. It has a special feature of futures trading even though it is similar to spot trading because there is no expiration date. The most features are no ownership, no period and no money, but there is leverage and possible to get position both long and short (buy/sell).

All of trading instruments

1EUR/USDEUR 10 00030-0.370.14
2GBP/USDGBP 10 00030-0.53-0.01
3USD/JPYUSD 10 00030-0.01-0.44
4USD/CHFUSD 10 00032)00.15-0.57
5USD/CADUSD 10 00030-0.01-0.28
6AUD/USDAUD 10 00030-0.04-0.23
7NZD/USDNZD 10 000300.06-0.44
8EUR/JPYEUR 10 00030-0.08-0.2
9EUR/CHFEUR 10 00033)0-0.07-0.31
10EUR/GBPEUR 10 00030-0.17-0.03
11AUD/CADAUD 10 0001000.17-0.42
12AUD/CHFAUD 10 0001000.25-0.63
13AUD/JPYAUD 10 0001000.3-0.5
14CAD/CHFCAD 10 0001000.1-0.52
15CAD/JPYCAD 10 0001000.02-0.4
16CHF/JPYCHF 10 000100-0.42-0.09
17NZD/CADNZD 10 0001000.08-0.69
18NZD/CHFNZD 10 0001000.28-0.65
19NZD/JPYNZD 10 0001000.32-0.63
20EUR/AUDEUR 10 00070-1.150.43
21GBP/CHFGBP 10 00072)00.03-0.49
22GBP/JPYGBP 10 00070-0.01-0.34
23AUD/NZDAUD 10 000120-0.28-0.09
24EUR/CADEUR 10 000120-0.35-0.05
25EUR/NZDEUR 10 000120-1.330.6
26GBP/AUDGBP 10 000120-0.930.28
27GBP/CADGBP 10 000120-0.29-0.06
28GBP/NZDGBP 10 000120-0.990.25
29USD/DKKUSD 10 0006000.06-1.57
30USD/NOKUSD 10 00010000.81-1.9
31USD/SEKUSD 10 0003501.1-3.11
32USD/ZARUSD 10 0001204)0-11.155.45
33AUD/CZKAUD 10 000200-2.2-2.2
34AUD/DKKAUD 10 000600-8.4-8.4
35AUD/HKDAUD 10 000800-10.4-10.4
36AUD/HUFAUD 10 000300-3.3-3.3
37AUD/MXNAUD 10 0001200-15.6-15.6
38AUD/NOKAUD 10 000700-10.5-10.5
39AUD/PLNAUD 10 000400-5.2-5.2
40AUD/SEKAUD 10 000500-5.5-5.5
41AUD/SGDAUD 10 000100-1.3-1.3
42AUD/ZARAUD 10 0001800-21.6-21.6
43CAD/CZKCAD 10 000200-2.6-2.6
44CAD/DKKCAD 10 00050-0.7-0.7
45CAD/HKDCAD 10 0001000-15-15
46CAD/HUFCAD 10 000200-2.4-2.4
47CAD/MXNCAD 10 0001500-15-15
48CAD/NOKCAD 10 000600-8.4-8.4
49CAD/PLNCAD 10 000250-3.5-3.5
50CAD/SEKCAD 10 000500-6-6
51CAD/SGDCAD 10 00050-0.75-0.75
52CAD/ZARCAD 10 0002000-22-22
53CHF/CZKCHF 10 000200-2.8-2.8
54CHF/DKKCHF 10 000100-1.3-1.3
55CHF/HKDCHF 10 0001000-15-15
56CHF/HUFCHF 10 000500-5-5
57CHF/MXNCHF 10 0002000-26-26
58CHF/NOKCHF 10 0001000-12-12
59CHF/PLNCHF 10 000400-4-4
60CHF/SEKCHF 10 000600-6.6-6.6
61CHF/SGDCHF 10 000150-1.5-1.5
62CHF/ZARCHF 10 0001800-19.8-19.8
63EUR/CZK5)EUR 10 000450-4.95-4.95
64EUR/DKK5)EUR 10 000130-1.56-1.56
65EUR/HKDEUR 10 0001500-16.5-16.5
66EUR/HUFEUR 10 0001000-12-12
67EUR/MXNEUR 10 0002500-35-35
68EUR/NOKEUR 10 0001500-22.5-22.5
69EUR/PLNEUR 10 000350-5.25-5.25
70EUR/SEK5)EUR 10 000600-6.6-6.6
71EUR/SGDEUR 10 000250-2.5-2.5
72EUR/ZAREUR 10 0002500-30-30
73GBP/CZKGBP 10 000300-4.5-4.5
74GBP/DKKGBP 10 000150-1.95-1.95
75GBP/HKDGBP 10 0001500-18-18
76GBP/HUFGBP 10 000600-6.6-6.6
77GBP/MXNGBP 10 0002000-24-24
78GBP/NOKGBP 10 0001500-18-18
79GBP/PLNGBP 10 000250-3.5-3.5
80GBP/SEKGBP 10 0001200-18-18
81GBP/SGDGBP 10 000250-3-3
82GBP/ZARGBP 10 0003500-38.5-38.5
83NZD/CZKNZD 10 000150-1.95-1.95
84NZD/DKKNZD 10 00050-0.7-0.7
85NZD/HKDNZD 10 000600-9-9
86NZD/HUFNZD 10 000350-4.2-4.2
87NZD/MXNNZD 10 000800-8-8
88NZD/NOKNZD 10 000500-7.5-7.5
89NZD/PLNNZD 10 000150-2.1-2.1
90NZD/SEKNZD 10 000800-12-12
91NZD/SGDNZD 10 000150-2.25-2.25
92NZD/ZARNZD 10 000500-6.5-6.5
93USD/CZKUSD 10 000250-2.75-2.75
94USD/HKDUSD 10 00050-0.65-0.65
95USD/HUFUSD 10 000500-7.5-7.5
96USD/INR6)USD 10 0001500-40-40
97USD/MXNUSD 10 000100-1.3-1.3
98USD/SGDUSD 10 000100-1.5-1.5
99USD/PLNUSD 10 000200-2-2
100CZK/JPYCZK 10 00050-0.65-0.65
101DKK/JPYDKK 10 00037)0-0.33-0.33
102HKD/JPYHKD 10 00037)0-0.45-0.45
103HUF/JPYHUF 10 00057)0-0.6-0.6
104MXN/JPYMXN 10 00037)0-0.42-0.42
105NOK/JPYNOK 10 00057)0-0.5-0.5
106SGD/JPYSGD 10 00050-0.65-0.65
107SEK/JPYSEK 10 00037)0-0.39-0.39
108ZAR/JPYZAR 10 00057)0-0.7-0.7
109USD/RUB8)USD 10 0004000-3010
110EUR/RUB8)EUR 10 0004000-258

* Server time zone is UTC+2. There is 7 hours gap from Korea time zone (UTC+9) ex) Server 23:00 = Korea 06:00
* Minimum deal size makes up 0.01 lots, minimum pip price totals USD 0.01, and margin is from USD 0.10.
* During the period of low liquidity (from 23:50 to 00:30 terminal time), the spread on Forex Majors can be increased to 5 pips.
1) Commission is set in pips (points). Forex trading terms on major and cross rates for Standard accounts.
2) For USD/CHF and GBP/CHF, a spread could be increased to 5 and 13 pips respectively in a period of low liquidity at night trade (from 23:30 to 01:00 of trading platform time).
3) Amid low volatility from 23:00 to 03:00 terminal time, spread for EUR/CHF may be raised up to 5 pips and spread of up to 2 pips may be added to the commission for EUR/CHF.
4) Amid low volatility from 23:00 to 08:00 terminal time, spread for USD/ZAR may be raised up to 200 pips.
5) For some currency pairs in particular EUR/CZK, EUR/DKK, and EUR/SEK a spread could be increased twofold amid low volatility at night (from 23:00 to 03:00 InstaTrader terminal time).
6) Trading session for USD/INR lasts from 06:35 to 14:30.
7) A higher margin can be seen on some exotic currency pairs.
8) Leverage for trading in USD/RUB and EUR/RUB currency pairs is 1:50. The trading session on USD/RUR and EUR/RUR starts at 10:05 am and lasts till 6:55 pm.

1Spot GoldGOLD2)3)100 ounces600-0.350.15
2Spot SilverSILVER2)500 ounces400-0.10.05
3Gold spot (500 oz)XAUUSD3)500 ounces600-0.350.15
4Alcoa Inc.#AA100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
5Altaba Inc#AABA100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
6Apple Inc.#AAPL100 stocks80.10%-0.01%0.00%
7Adobe Systems Incorporated#ADBE100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
8American International Group Inc.#AIG100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
9Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.#AMD100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
10Amazon.com, Inc.#AMZN100 stocks120.10%-0.01%0.00%
11American Express Company#AXP100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
12Boeing Company#BA100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
13Bank Of America Corporation#BAC100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
14BHP Billiton Limited#BHP100 stocks40.10%-0.01%0.00%
15Baidu, Inc. (like Google in China)#BIDU100 stocks400.10%-0.01%0.00%
16The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation#BK100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
17Citigroup Inc.#C100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
18Caterpillar Inc.#CAT100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
19China Mobile Limited#CHL100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
20Comcast Corporation#CMCSA100 stocks80.10%-0.01%0.00%
21Cisco System, Inc.#CSCO100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
22Chevron Corporation#CVX100 stocks60.10%-0.01%0.00%
23Walt Disney Company#DIS100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
24DowDuPont Inc#DWDP100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
25eBay Inc.#EBAY100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
26Ford Motor Company#F100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
27Facebook, Inc.#FB100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
28Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.#FCX100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
29FedEx Corporation#FDX100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
30First Solar, Inc.#FSLR100 stocks120.10%-0.01%0.00%
31General Electric Corporation#GE100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
32Gilead Sciences, Inc.#GILD100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
33Alphabet Inc. (Google)#GOOG100 stocks220.10%-0.01%0.00%
34Goldman Sachs Group Inc.#GS100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
35Halliburton Company#HAL100 stocks60.10%-0.01%0.00%
36Home Depot Inc.#HD100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
37Honeywell International Inc.#HON100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
38Hewlett-Packard Company#HPQ100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
39IBM Corporation#IBM100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
40Illumina, Inc.#ILMN100 stocks500.10%-0.01%0.00%
41Intel Corporation#INTC100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
42International Paper Company#IP100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
43J.C. Penney Company Inc.#JCP100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
44Johnson & Johnson#JNJ100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
45JPMorgan Chase & Co#JPM100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
46The Kraft Heinz Company#KHC100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
47Coca-Cola Company#KO100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
48MasterCard Incorporated#MA100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
49McDonalds Corporation#MCD100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
50Mondelez International, Inc.#MDLZ100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
51MGM Resorts International#MGM100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
523M Company#MMM100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
53Altria Group Inc.#MO100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
54Monsanto Company#MON100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
55Merck & Co Inc.#MRK100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
56Marvell Technology Group Ltd.#MRVL100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
57Morgan Stanley#MS100 stocks40.10%-0.01%0.00%
58Microsoft Corporation#MSFT100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
59Micron Technology, Inc.#MU100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
60Netflix, Inc.#NFLX100 stocks200.10%-0.01%0.00%
61Nike Inc.#NKE100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
62Nokia Corporation#NOK100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
63Nintendo Co. Ltd.#NTDOY100 stocks60.10%-0.01%0.00%
64Orange#ORAN100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
65Oracle Corporation#ORCL100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
66Petrobras – Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.#PBR100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
67PepsiCo Inc.#PEP100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
68Pfizer Inc.#PFE100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
69Procter & Gamble Company#PG100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
70Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.#POT100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
71Qualcomm Incorporated#QCOM100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
72CFD Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock#QQQ100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
73Sprint Nextel Corporation#S100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
74Starbucks Corporation#SBUX100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
75Sony Corporation#SNE100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
76CFD Standard & Poor’s Depositary Receipts#SPY100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
77AT&T Inc#T100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
78Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.#TEVA100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
79Thomson Reuters Corporation#TRI100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
80The Travelers Companies, Inc.#TRV100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
81Tesla Motors, Inc.#TSLA100 stocks1000.10%-0.01%0.00%
82Twitter, Inc.#TWTR100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
83UBS AG#UBS100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
84Unilever Plc#UL100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
85United Parcel Service, Inc.#UPS100 stocks50.10%-0.01%0.00%
86United Technologies Corporation#UTX100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
87Visa Inc.#V100 stocks100.10%-0.01%0.00%
88Verizon Communications Inc.#VZ100 stocks20.10%-0.01%0.00%
89Western Digital Corporation#WDC100 stocks40.10%-0.01%0.00%
90Wells Fargo & Co.#WFC100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
91Wal-Mart Stores Inc.#WMT100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
92ExxonMobil Corporation#XOM100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
93Yahoo! Inc.#YHOO100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%
94Zynga, Inc.#ZNGA100 stocks30.10%-0.01%0.00%

* Server time zone is UTC+2. There is 7 hours gap from Korea time zone (UTC+9) ex) Server 16:30 = Korea 23:30
* Minimal lot size – 0.01 lot (1 share or 1 ounce), minimum deposit $0.10.
1) Trading session for CFDs on shares lasts from 16:30 to 23:00. Leverage for CFD trading is 1:10.
2) Leverage for GOLD and SILVER trading is 1:100.
3) Trading session for Gold and XAUUSD lasts from 01:00 to 24:00

No.TitleGroupSymbolTick SizeTick Cost($)Commission($)Margin($)Sesseion(UTC+2)The expiration date
3Futures CopperMetals#HGxx0.001103075001:00-24:001)
4Futures GoldMetals#GCxx0.5103050001:00-24:001)
5Futures SilverMetals#SIxx0.01103050001:00-24:001)
6NY Harbor GasolineEnergy#XRBxx0.0011030100001:00-24:001)
7miNY Crude OilEnergy#QMxx0.03103050001:00-24:001)
8Crude Oil Light SweetEnergy#CL0.011030200001:00-24:00Indefinitely2)
9miNY Natural GasEnergy#QGxx0.005103050001:00-24:001)
10Natural GasEnergy#NG0.0011030200001:00-24:00Indefinitely2)
11Brent Crude OilEnergy#XBZxx0.011030150001:00-24:001)
12Heating OilEnergy#HOxx0.0011030100001:00-24:001)
13Futures Live CattleAgriculture#LExx0.021030100016:30-21:051)
14Futures Lean HogAgriculture#HExx0.021030100016:30-21:051)
15Futures Feeder CattleAgriculture#GFxx0.021030100016:30-21:051)
16Futures WheatAgriculture#ZWxx0.3103050003:00-15:45 / 16:30-21:201)
17Futures CornAgriculture#ZCxx0.2103050003:00-15:45 / 16:30-21:201)
18Futures Soybean OilAgriculture#ZLxx0.011030100003:00-15:45 / 16:30-21:201)
19Futures Soybean MealAgriculture#ZMxx0.11030100003:00-15:45 / 16:30-21:201)
20Futures SoybeansAgriculture#ZSxx0.25103080003:00-15:45 / 16:30-21:201)
21Orange JuiceGoods#JOxx0.25103050015:00-21:001)
27US Dollar IndexIndices#USDX3)0.011030175000:00-24:00Indefinitely
28S&P 500 IndexIndices#SPX0.21030150016:35-23:00Indefinitely
29Dow Jones Industrial AverageIndices#INDU21030150016:35-23:00Indefinitely
30NASDAQ CompositeIndices#COMPQ0.51030150016:31-23:00Indefinitely
31FTSE 100Indices#FTSE0.51030275010:00-18:30Indefinitely
32Euronext 100Indices#N1000.11030150010:00-18:30Indefinitely
33Nikkei 225Indices#N2255103030002:00-04:304) / 05:30-08:00Indefinitely
34Hang Seng IndexIndices#HSI21030250003:15-06:004) / 07:00-10:15Indefinitely
35DAX 30Indices#DAX2103080010:05-18:30Indefinitely

* Server time zone is UTC+2. There is 7 hours gap from Korea time zone (UTC+9) ex) Server 01:00 = Korea 08:00
* Buy-swap for all trading instruments is -0.1, Sell-swap is -0.2 (except indices).
* The minimum trade value is 0.01 lots (1 lot for cent accounts).
1) There are 2~3 Symbols have different expiration date in each Title. There is the code for expiration date (month/year) instead of ‘xx’ in each Symbol.


ex) #HGF8 = HG(Futures Copper) + F(January) + 8(2018)

2) Trades are re-opened automatically every month at the first price of the next futures contract when the previous one is expired.
3) For #USDX, a spread could be increased by 2 pips in a period of low liquidity at night trade (from 23:30 to 01:00 of trading platform time).
4) When the daylight saving time change occurs, the schedule of trading sessions is shifted one hour forward.

1Bitcoin CashBCHUSD1 Bitcoin Cash12000.10%-0.06%-0.06%
2Bitcoin#Bitcoin1 Bitcoin75000.10%-0.06%-0.06%
3Ethereum#Ethereum1 Ethereum8000.10%-0.06%-0.06%
4Litecoin#Litecoin100 Litecoin2000.10%-0.06%-0.06%
5Ripple#Ripple10000 Ripple1000.10%-0.06%-0.06%

* Server time zone is UTC+2. There is 7 hours gap from Korea time zone (UTC+9) ex) Server 16:30 = Korea 23:30
* Minimal lot size – 0.01 lot, minimum deposit $0.10.
* Leverage for trading CFDs #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Litecoin, #Ripple: from 1:1 to 1:10 (can be changed in the specified range depending on market conditions).

The above spread/fee is a official. It does not include our special 1.2 pip cash back (approximately 40% of EURUSD 3pip as a standard).
The above information may be timed without notice. For accurate information, please visit www.instaforex.com/specifications